Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunsational Non Dairy- Review

I was offered Sunsational non-dairy beverage to try and review. Sunsational is a non dairy beverage made of lightly roasted sunflower kernels grown in the USA. It is high in fiber and antioxidants, low in calories, soy free, gluten free, tree nut free, and of course dairy free. I was given Original and Vanilla flavored varieties to try.
My first impression of this (original flavor) was that it is smooth and has a distinct flavor. It definitely tastes like sunflower seeds. The consistency is very smooth and the flavor is as well. It has the nutty taste of the sunflower seeds and a sweet background. The flavor was strong, but not harsh. You could just drink this as a healthy alternative to any other beverage, but I think I'd prefer it in something. I think it would make a good pudding flavor or would be great in a baked dish or even to finish off a sauce. The original and vanilla flavors were not much different from each other. You may just want to use the vanilla in sweet and the original in savory, if you are going to use this in cooking. Overall, I think it was OK as an everyday beverage, but would be super as a recipe addition. You have to like the flavor of sunflower seeds to enjoy this drink!

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*Disclaimer- I received a free product(s) to review. I have not and will not receive any other means of compensation as part of this review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced.

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