Saturday, January 28, 2012

Listia- How to Get Your FREE Credits

Listia is an online auction site that uses credits instead of money to buy and sell items. There are so many different things being sold! Clothing, toys, games, books, jewelry, and soooooo much more. It is amazing the things you will find there!

If you sign up you get a sign up bonus of 500 credits to spend!! This can get you something really cool for FREE! But, don't stop there! If you sell your own things on Listia (things you don't want anyway, somebody wants it!) you can build up your own credits and get some more cool stuff! Trade your trash and get someone else's treasure! Click HERE to sign up now!

The picture above is just a few of the things I have gotten from Listia for FREE by trading my things and taking surveys. (you can also complete offers and do surveys to earn credits) I got more than half of my son's Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for FREE from Listia!! Not to mention gift  cards, clothing, and other goodies! I fell in love with this site and you will too!

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