Friday, January 27, 2012

Design My Logo Contest

I want to try a new logo for my blog and Facebook page. Miss Money Saver has served her purpose, and it is time for something NEW!! That's where YOU come in! Design my new logo. You can be as creative as you want. Try to stick to the theme of my blog/page and please keep it clean for Facebook. When you are happy with your logo, please send it to and put Design My Logo in the subject and include your name. I  will accept submissions from NOW until Friday February 3rd at midnight. 

I will then go through all submissions and put them in an album. Monday February 6th, I will open this album to voting. You must be a fan to vote! Vote by liking the logo you like the best! Do NOT send people over to vote for yours or disclose which logo you made to anyone. This will lead to disqualification and removal of your submission. I want it to be as fair as possible. Thanks and HAVE FUN!

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