Monday, November 21, 2011

UPS My Choice

Tired of missing deliveries? Get delivery alerts the day before your package arrives. (usually 2 days before)
 Can't be home? Electronically authorize packages for drop-off.
Change of plans? Reschedule or reroute to another location.

I have only been using UPS My Choice for a few weeks ad I am really loving the alerts. I have so far been alerted of about 4 or 5 packages. This morning I was emailed stating that the delivery date of one of my packages was moved to today, a detail I would have missed if they hadn't alerted me and I was going to leave the house. So now I know to sit tight for now. It is easy to sign up and basic membership is FREE. So what are you waiting for?? Sign up now, before all those holiday packages start coming and enjoy the simple freedom of controlling your deliveries.

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