Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free Loading Fridays

I'd like to announce a new feature being added to my Facebook page. Every Friday we will have "Free Loading Fridays" where my Facebook wall will be open to all self promoting. I mean anything!! If you need votes for a contest, if you want to promote your page, if you have a contest going on, you have a referral link, or if you have a business to plug. (People posting are not to use vulgar language or post spam to my wall, also each person posting will be limited to a max of 3 posts for the day unless you've discussed it with me first.) All I ask is that if you come to free load, you also check out what everyone else is posting.

We will also have random surprise giveaways and games throughout the day. So come on over every Friday and be a free loader with me.

**Don't forget to share the love and get us to 100 fans so we can launch the giveaway!! Thanks everyone!!**

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